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The Company

Pranava Constructions Private Limited. is a reputed company in the construction arena. With many successful projects, we are aiming to be a trendsetter in the business. Our impeccable reputation has been built on strong foundations like service, quality, and punctuality. We have apartments/flats and commercial space at prominent locations in Chennai.

Our founders possess strong skills in construction of major projects in the Middle East, which includes Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Burj Al Arab – Dubai, Dubai Mall, Emirates Twin Towers, Jetty extension for Qafco, Palaces – construction and maintenance, high rise buildings, Petrochemical plants and refineries – construction and extension of plants - both greenfield and brownfield operations. We are proud to state that our experience of more than three decades has made set tough goals to deliver high quality to our patrons in India.

All the Pranava Constructions Private Limited projects are nurtured with utmost care. Right from the beginning, when the initial procedures are formulated, our experts take meticulous care and attention. Whether it is at the site or the drawing board, the team works in tandem - from the laying of the foundation to the handing over of the 'keys' - the reason why we succeed in completing our projects in a time-bound manner and also have an ever-expanding directory of satisfied clients.

Services Offered

Construction Site
Buying a House
Modern Apartment Block







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